The ‘oh but you can (and should) write your own copy’ program

Copywriting for your Business

 12 weeks

 If you’re in business, you need people to know about it, right? 

That’s called Marketing.

And – almost every aspect of Marketing comes back to copywriting. 

To get people to click on your Facebook Ad, open your email and follow the Call to Action on your website – it’s the carefully crafted words that matter.  

But wait

Copywriting is different to the writing you did at school

That’s why you pop it in the too hard box. 

The great unknown. 

Copywriting is about connecting with people. Talking to them. Helping them. Entertaining them. Tapping into their everyday lives – however that looks.  

While there are some ‘rules’ to copywriting, ultimately you DO NOT have to be good at writing to be a copywriter. 

Read that again

…you DO NOT have to be good at writing to be a copywriter. 

Fundamentally, to be a good copywriter you need to understand your business and your customer then use the skills you learn in this course to elevate your biz.

Full stop

The End

No ifs, buts, whats or why


It’s that simple. 

Every aspect of copywriting can be learned – formulas, structures and storytelling. And yes, it’s taken me years to get to where I am today but I wasn’t born copywriting.  

I studied and wrote and refined so I could master my trade. 

“Don’t push your weaknesses 

Play with your strengths”

Jennifer Lopez

Copywriting for your business offers the best bang for your buck.  

Imagine the difference if you get 10 click throughs from your email rather than 3 

– an attention-grabbing headline will do that 

Or an Insta caption that generates 5 DM’s rather than 2.

That’s 3 more potential clients JUST through the power of copywriting.

Worth learning some simple copywriting tools you can action immediately?

I think SO.

You’re the best

You ARE the best person to write about your biz. You know your Why.

You started the business – born out of skills and passion and all those late nights.   

At some point you might outsource your copywriting – and I believe you will. 

But to begin with – you should have a good understanding of what you want by writing for your business yourself. 



The right copy increases both the quality and the quantity of your leads 

Stand out in your market – master copywriting for your biz so you can shine online

Your copy will

 Time to start the conversation? 

I’ll teach you how to showcase your offer


If you love screeds of power points, endless pages of theory and hours of homework then this isn’t the course for you.


My course?

What we’ll cover 

Learn how to write words that get people to take action

What You Get

  • Templates – the abc of Home pages, Blogs, Emails, Vision, Mission and Values Statement
  • Tools – how to approach writing for your business – from how to ask for a testimonial to an on brand  404 page on your website
  • Weekly Masterclass 



  • 1 on 1 session – personalised session on your business

Sure – at some point you might want to outsource copywriting. And you should … but

…if you don’t understand your

  • Values
  • Customer
  • Brand voice


You won’t know how to work with a copywriter 

Picture this

Have you ever asked someone to do something for you at work without proper instructions?

Did you get what you wanted?

It probably wasn’t exactly what you asked for

And it’s the same when you ask a copywriter to write for your business

You have to be on the same page 

And that’s why it’s important in this stage of your business to get crystal clear on your message to the world.

Here’s some of the many copywriting and marketing lessons you’ll walk away with after 12 weeks with me …

  1. How to craft Headlines to hook your readers
  2. how to write sentences that connect with your clients
  3. How to eliminate boring copy
  4. How to identify your brand voice


And a whole lot more 

Whether you’re a startup founder looking to add oomph to your brand’s website, insta and emails, a coach who wants to hone their writing skills / confidence or a VA who’d like to support clients……..”fish” is the course for you.

I’ll teach you how to fish 

Ok – not actually how to fish but how to write for your business so you can write forever.

My Promise

The course will teach you copywriting techniques that help you achieve tangible results, cut-through today’s competitive landscape – we’ll cover structure, tone, content, mediums, audiences and more.

Jargon free

Writing for your biz massive learning 

Oh but you can write your own copy 12 week party

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