Depends on the season and what I think you need to learn this month.

My business is where it is today because of other small business owners.

All the online presence in the world couldn’t have given me what networking and talking to other business owners did for my business.

Building a business is bloody exciting but it’s also lonely

Being immersed in the energy of others on the same journey is magical. 

When we’re young and just starting out, we’re all on that same road – learning together and without knowing It – we’re there for each other. We don’t appreciate the value of it at the time. 

If you chose the path of solopreneur or business owner, you’re way out there on a limb on a wee skinny branch…alone.

So you need likeminded support around you

My workshops are about learning for sure but also about connection. Hey you might meet an ideal client at my workshop – perfect opportunity for market research in a really natural way. 

“Business, after all, is nothing more than a bunch of human relationships”

“Enjoy high vibe, relaxed and feel good events and workshops”

Have you ever gone to a networking event and people just hand you their card?

Arrgghhhhhh. No. Awful.

Omg – that pisses me off. My first reaction is I’m actually offended. 

But I’m a delicate soul because then I feel sorry for that business owner.

Imagine running a business like that – makes me want to run away. 

So, for that reason – Business cards are banned at my workshops. 

Don’t even think about it. 

“I win or I learn, but I never lose” Marie Forleo

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