Hey you

How are you?

Good to see you – you’re looking great.

Ha – just kidding – I can’t really see you.

You know, I remember being utterly horrified at the thought of video-calling.

Teenage Jen thoughts
“Imagine they saw you in your pyjamas?
Imagine you were in the bath?”

Now it’s real life.

Anyway – just to clarify, I can’t see you at the moment, so it’s totally ok if you’re in your jammies.

And thanks for checking me out.

Who is Jen?

I’m a copywriter and brand storyteller based in Perth, WA.

Originally from bonnie Scotland I made the move to the land down under in 2014.

And before you ask…

  • Yep Irn bru is delicious.
  • Yes it’s true Scotsmen wear nothing under their kilts and..
  • Yes, the haggis is a wee 4-legged animal that lives in the Scottish Highlands*.

*one of these statements is whopper of an untruth

Way back when…

In my early days I wrote scripts for radio, cafe reviews and advertising features.

When I got a feature article to page 3 of a national broadsheet I celebrated on the bar of my fave wee Glasgow pub (yes ON the bar – I danced** around the beer taps in delight).

The music and blinding lights lured me deeper into broadcasting where I penned even more on-air scripts and radio commercials.


I discovered branded copy. That means writing to convey the values of a business or brand.

It’s not salesy type stuff but writing with real substance. Adding value through blogs and articles.

Right in my sweet spot.

Triggering emotion and starting conversations with my copy I went on to write content for Nandos, Quickbooks and Britax.


I write exciting copy for brands, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

So, if you’re currently like a rabbit in the headlights – overwhelmed by all the content you have to write and HOW TO SAY ALL OF THE THINGS.

CALL ME – or, you know, email me depending on the time.

From time to time now I am commissioned to write feature articles & opinion pieces for newspapers and magazines.

My work has been published in The West Australian, The Herald (UK), Evening Times (UK), and online in www.whimn.com.

See my ‘portfolio’ for more examples.

**Oh and I still enjoy dancing, only now it’s at organised group fitness classes every Tuesday and Saturday mornings